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Teething Trio
Teething Trio
Teething Trio

Teething Trio

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Teething baby? Our Teething Trio is sure to soothe those teething woes!

Teething babies can be very fussy and miserable – their gums hurt and we can sometimes feel helpless after trying all of the frozen fruit, cold washes to chew on and teethers! This safe (side effect free) and effective 3 Pack Remedy bundle is a must for every handbag and home first aid kit. 

Belladonna is the go to remedy when babies are really struggling with their teeth and cry the entire time. They often bite their hands and may have a fever, rash, pain and show angry behaviour. 

Chamomilla is wonderful to calm teething children. The often scream and are worse at night. Usually one cheek is more red than the other and they may have loose stools or diarrhea. 

Pulsatilla is used when babies are pulling at their ears from the pain. There may be a thick yellow discharge. Teething babies who are clingy and only want mum benefit from pulsatilla. They cry and need constant support with mum not being allowed to leave their sight.

Purchase our Teething Trio bundle and you will save $8.50, rather than purchasing them individually. All 30c Potency.