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ABC - Kids Remedy

ABC - Kids Remedy

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With the winter months approaching ABC are 3 fantastic remedies that can be used when your child is unwell. Aconite, Belladonna and Chamomilla.  This trio is wonderful if your child is unsettled, shows a slight fever or cold, is teething, or is showing any other minor ailments. Perfect for the entire family to fight off colds/flu.

Aconite 30c – Great to treat the early stages of colds. It is useful for the first stage of the acute inflammatory process, fevers where the child/patient is hot, dry and usually thirsty, croup, colds, influenza, earache, vomiting, diarrhoea, travel sickness etc. Patient may be restless and anxious.

Belladonna 30c – Like Aconite, Belladonna suits the first stage of the inflammatory process, particularly in small children. In Belladonna the symptoms come and go suddenly often accompanied by a hot red face and cold feet. Barking cough, hot, red, earaches, teething symptoms. May not have a thirst.

Chamomilla 30c – Used for colic, colds, fever, earaches and teething! The most prominent symptom is that the patient will be very irritable and usually won’t know what they want. They have a very low pain threshold. Child wants to be carried. It is a very calming remedy. Always used for teething and any other ailments when it fits this picture.

We also highly recommend purchasing 'Homeopathy for the home prescriber'. An informative reference book that we keep in our first aid kit. This is wonderful for anyone wanting to begin their home prescribing journey with homeopathy. It contains all of the treatments of common aliments as well as a Materia Medica of common remedies. 

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If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

Always read the label.

Use only as directed