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Mother & Baby Kit
Mother & Baby Kit

Mother & Baby Kit

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A Homeopathic Mother & Baby Kit that assists in recovery after childbirth.

This is a must have kit for all new mums as it will assist emotional and physical healing, ease pain and speed up healing. You can use your home remedy kit instead of over-the-counter medications, which often cause adverse reactions for yourself and children. 

The kit is especially designed to assist in healing after childbirth, (both natural birth and c-section), helps cure threatening mastitis, baby blues, reduces colic symptoms, fever, aches and  also helps babies digestive system to develop and establish feeding patterns. 

Babies will receive the benefits through the breast milk and babies can also take orally from birth. 

Each pack contains detailed information brochures.

Included in this kit: 

Arnica 30c 

Belladonna 6c 

Calendula 30c  

Ignatia 30c  

Pulsatilla 30c   

Staphysagria 30c  

Tissue Salts 6X